Skin concern: Dry skin.

As December approaches, our skin starts to change dramatically. And no, I am not exaggerating. 

There is less moisture in our skin during winter compared to summer, as well as fewer lipids in the skin barrier contributing to dryness and irritation.

This irritation causes Dry Skin, and Dry Skin is a condition in which the skin looks and feels rough, itchy, flaky or scaly.  Having noticeable dry skin during winter is the consequence of the cold outdoor weather,  harsh winds,  and rain can strip the skin of its natural, moisturizing oils.


My Skin condition is combination skin which means my  T-Zone tends to get super oily and my cheeks and the eye area are very dry and reactive. I’m  always on the lookout for some ooph to help moisturize my cheeks. I tend to discard my aggressive scrubs, hot showers and keep my daily skin care routine as simple as I can. This way, my skin doesn’t get stripped of its natural oils – which are definitely needed for dry conditions!


TUEL’s calm line is the perfect option for this skin concern. The Moisture Plus line carries a Superfoods  moisturizer and face mask that replenishes and nurtures the skin, leaving it with that plump look that dry skin needs. In addition to this duo, its nourishing plus essential oil contains hydrating ingredients that act as a finishing coat to these nourishing treatments. 


In addition to this nourishing regime, adding a glow facial is a great mini maintenance facial to remove the surface layer of dead skin and to keep the skin looking nurtured and healthy!

Booking monthly cleansing facials is my go to option to keep my skin healthy looking during the harsh winter months in Alberta. No matter how dry or oily my skin gets, I am well aware that my skin will need some cleanser every couple of weeks. Wearing sunscreen also contributes to the excess of oil I produce day to day and my constantly congested pores beg for some soothing steam and Skin High’s Painless Pore extractions!

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Skin concern: Dry Skin.

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