Let's talk facial extractions.

Facial extractions is the step people remember the most when leaving a facial. I remember my first professional facial and just how excruciatingly painful it was to extract my little friends…though I’ll be honest, the pain wasn’t too different from my very first facial extraction…

My First Facial

Here’s the setting: I was in University, a burnt out babysitter on a Friday night, going through typical college woes and trying my very best to keep calm after a volcanic emotional meltdown when suddenly– I had a great idea: I am in dire need of treating and spoiling myself! 

I’ve already been thinking for months that I should book a facial and I recalled learning that people would steam their faces to open their pores which would help clean out excess oil, congested pores and blackheads easier and faster. Being a broke college student, I decided to try it myself (of course!) So I grabbed one of my mom’s pots, filled it up with water and boiled it until it was steaming and piping hot. I took it off the stove, my face over top, and a tea towel over my head…sounds relaxing, no?

JUST KIDDING. It was not a nice feeling. My face, my neck and my shirt were drenched and water was dripping down my face. I looked like a waterlogged pooch! I took off to my bedroom and proceeded to extract all the blackheads out of my nose. How? By pinching together the tip of my nose with my fingernails of course. By the end, my pores were mostly blackhead-free, and I had little tiny crescent moon divots all over my face…and that was my very first “facial”!

Today I’m closer to 30 than 20, a little more financially able, so I decided to book something nice to treat myself at the local Spa close to my home. It had amazing reviews. When I arrived, the checkin was breezy and I was feeling very calm as the facial started…until the aesthetician started to extract my pores. I was in tears. I was in TOTAL pain, it was awful. How can something so calm and relaxing be converted into something so painful and I couldn’t even make it stop. It was done so fast I didn’t even have the time to ask for some mercy.


Skin High: Painless Pore Extraction Technique

When I booked my first Skin High facial, I was prepared to tear up. I gritted my teeth waiting for the pinch: Nothing. No pain. I was so confused.. Is she getting anything? Am I totally clean? Is she being extra careful? It did not make sense.

When my Skin Therapist finished the facial, I asked her: Why didn’t I feel a thing when you were extracting my pores? This is our painless pore extraction technique at Skin High, she said. Congested pores have always been my number 1 issue since I became an adult. My skin routine consists of exfoliating up to three times a week to get rid of some of my blackheads and excess build up around my T-zone…and don’t even get me started about how it goes when I add fried food to my diet… The breakouts! 

Knowing a Wellness Bar that cleans congested pores and blackheads without any pain, is priceless. Having it done with such a painful experience before makes Skin High my absolute favorite zen zone to go to when booking a facial in Edmonton. Living in such a dry place like Edmonton, our skin produces more sebum to make up for the lack of moisture our skin needs to be hydrated. We are destined to live with congested pores and blackheads. 

Great Skin Requires a Home Skincare Ritual

Products in TUEL’s Balance line have helped me reduce blackheads and clean congested pores since the moment I started using them. When I had my first skin consult at Skin High, my Skin Therapist talked to me about how oily my T-Zone gets and how I would always build up excess oil and as a consequence, my pores would need deep extractions. For this, TUEL’s Balance Deep Pore Duos have been so helpful to keep my T-zone under control.

After learning this information, I knew I had to follow my Skin therapist advice religiously, so I started building my skincare routine with the BALANCE line from TUEL. My Balancing Act Cleanser helps my skin stay hydrated without making it oily. The Balance Act Essential Oil keeps everything together when I add my absolute favorite serum, Absorb. This serum helps me keep my face matte ALL DAY. Not a single shine to my nose anymore.

Trust me on this: congested pores need treatment, and they need it regularly. When we book our facials it is important to follow a regime to keep the results. If your skin concern is Oily T-Zone, Congested Pores, Extractions and blackheads, book a skin consultation with Skin High’s Therapist so they can give you all the information you need to follow and the best treatment for your skin.

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