Facial treatments are a necessity.

My very first memories are of my mother washing her face at the start of her day and before going to bed. I remember her mentioning that she would do it because our skin absorbs toxins from the environment. She said we should clean them to keep our complexion clear and to not let toxins sink deeper while we sleep. This really stuck with me, and as I was becoming a teenager, both my friends and I started experiencing breakouts and what my mother said really started to make sense. This is back to the early 2000’s, when nobody was talking about skincare. Sunscreen was only for the beach and serums were an expensive item only a small percentage of women would add to their shopping lists.  

Thinking back to my teen years, it was really then that I started to mirror my mother’s beauty rituals. These habits that she inspired helped completely clear up my skin–at a time when most of my classmates would continue to struggle with teenage acne for the next few years and well into adulthood. Surprisingly, my classmates whined about it everyone now and again, but we didn’t really discuss the issue of acne that much. We thought this was normal, because we were teenagers, right? Wasn’t it just a rite of passage?? Truth is, it isn’t.

What is Acne Caused by?

Acne is caused by overactive oil glands in the skin and a buildup of oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, which leads to inflammation (swelling and redness) in the pores. If you want to add that to the fact that oil glands get stimulated when hormones become active during puberty, it makes sense why we break out if we are not washing, moisturizing and taking care of that excess oil, sweat, and bacteria built up in the face.  

The Role of a Skin Therapist 

Today, we are bombarded with information about why taking care of our skin is a priority if we want to stimulate collagen, reverse aging and avoid melanoma and skin cancer in the future. Having a skin therapist (aka licensed aesthetician) can give us all the information we need to cleanse the toxins our body absorbs every single day from environmental pollution, excess oil or dryness, rosacea, dermatitis and in some serious cases, they can warn us about early stages of melanoma that could potentially lead to skin cancer.

Facials are a necessity 

Booking a facial is not a luxury, it is not back to the 2000’s when skin treatments were only available to a small percentage of women who could afford it. Facials have become a regular treatment you would do–like a dental cleaning or a physician’s check-up! Age is also not an important factor to determine if we need a facial or not. We don’t get facials out of vanity, we need facials because we constantly build up oil, fluids from our lymphatic system need to be drained and to help us stimulate blood circulation under the skin. It is a health matter.  

Facials not only make us feel better about our skin health, it goes way farther than that. The facial exfoliation helps us clean our blackheads, visible pores, and it significantly improves your skin’s ability to absorb all the lovely goodness (think: nutrients, antioxidants etc) in your skincare products! Plus, if we want to add a mask, it soaks up all the benefits from it for days… Until you get your next appointment.  

Monthly memberships to facials are a great way to keep the brightness, plump and clean look that getting a facial gives you, for a long-lasting healthy skin.  

Book a skin consultation to talk about your skin concerns. This is a great way to start the journey to a healthier and better living that starts from the inside and shows on the outside.

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