Greenness Collagen Face Mask


Collagen masks help tighten and smoothen the skin looking more firmer and more supple. Increases cellular moisture storage capacity, repair fibrous tissue, and enhance elasticity.

About Greenness

Greenness is an international brand formulating beauty products in collaboration with Osmos Natural Cosmetics which is an ethical company that only uses vegetal, hypoallergenic, and GMO-free ingredients. For over thirty years, the company has been dedicated to producing the highest quality natural cosmetics. Their products are created to stimulate skin in the most natural ways helping it produce what it needs.

Greenness products are created with phytotherapy, aromatherapy and functional osmology values in mind. All of the products are eco-friendly and are tested by a specialized techno-scientific team. None of their products are being tested on animals.


Open foil pack, remove the two sections of the translucent crystal face mask, unfold and place on cleansed face. Remove after 20 minutes. Do not rinse or cleanse after use. Allow the remaining ingredients to be absorbed by the face.

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