What is it? An out-of-this-world facial using cutting edge technology for an ultra luxe, benefits-packed facial that will leave your skin craving a Skin High glow up again and again…

This facial includes a double deep cleanse, hydra dermabrasion, extractions, oxygenation, microcurrent , Cryotherapy, Collagen mask with LED Light Therapy, ultrasonic product application and muscle-melting, scalp-tingling massage.

  • Who it’s for: All skin types but especially for those looking to help:
    • Brightens and plumps dull and aging skin
    • Firms up deep set wrinkles
    • Reduce the look of pores
    • Reduce fine lines
    • Reduce the look of pores.
    • Reduce fine lines
  • Who it is not for:
    • Taking acne medication (Accutane, etc.) within past 12 months
    • Skin with active infections
    • Skin with recent sunburns
    • Extremely dry skin (psoriasis and eczema)
    • Hypersensitive skin
    • Fitzpatrick Skin Types V and VI (dark to very dark skin tones)


No makeup for 24hrs and make sure you don’t touch your face.  Avoid AHAs, BHAs, and heavy glycolic or retinols for 72 hours as skin may be more sensitive.  Wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.  Keep skin moisturized by applying moisturizer twice daily.

The downtime would be very minimal, you should see full results within 24 hours of your procedure.

Discontinue use of any retinols at least 48 hours prior to your service.  Avoid excess sun exposure.


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$149 Member

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